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2013 State of Cloud Computing

Our 2013 InformationWeek State of Cloud Computing Survey tells a tale of tepid adoption that’s both unsurprising and discouraging. To get at the breakdown between private/hybrid and public models we asked about not only SaaS, PaaS and IaaS but use of virtualization.



Specialization v. Standardization

Compare a standard four-door sedan, the modern iteration of Henry Ford’s Model T, with a high-end minivan with integrated child seats, all-wheel drive, dual DVD players and 15 cup holders. If the minivan is right for you, it’s really right. If not, that’s a lot of money and efficiency out the window.


IT’s Attitude Problem

Cloud computing has widened the already pronounced rift between business executives and stereotypical IT throwbacks who think data is safer on internal Windows 2008 servers that get patched every quarter, whether or not they need it.


How Netflix is Ruining Cloud Computing

A laser focus on Amazon Web Services and seeming disregard for next-gen best practices could spell lock-in, and derail real IaaS competition.


Who has the best chance of beating Amazon for IaaS?

Amazon is the clear number one in Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings.  So who’s got the best chance of beating Amazon?

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IaaS Buyer’s Guide

Infrastructure-as-a-service lets companies focus on their core competencies, instead of on installing and maintaining computer hardware. But with so many vendors in the market, how do you know which one is the best fit for your company? We look at 9 IaaS providers and 10 services categories to help IT pros answer that question.

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9 Vital Questions on Moving Apps to the Cloud

The decision to move an application from in-house into the public cloud is a significant one. Organizations have to consider a range of issues, from business drivers to application availability to compliance and security to user adoption. We have nine questions you should ask and answer to help you pick the right course of action.

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Google IaaS vs. EC2: New Benchmarks

Zencoder’s new benchmarks find that Google Compute Engine offers a powerful and competitive infrastructure-as-a-service option to Amazon.

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Google Compute Engine: Hands-On Review

Google Compute Engine is a stable, reliable, and fast provider of on-demand computing resources. But it offers fewer features than rival Amazon Web Services.

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IaaS a Bad Deal? Not So Fast…

Please click below to read my InformationWeek rebuttal to Art Wittmann’s argument that IaaS is a bad deal:

IaaS a Bad Deal? Not So Fast…